Some additional information regarding your photography session:
  •  Are travel fees included?

Travel is included in all pricing up to 1 hour.  Drives exceeding one hour will then be invoiced at $37.50 per half hour over the initial one hour travel time.

What is the Best Time of Day?

Although the "Golden Hour" is the best time for an outdoor photography session, either an hour after sunrise or an hour before sunset, it is possible to shoot at any time of day, just keep in mind that midday sun is harsh and may not be subtable for some locations.

  • How do I receive my photos?
Files are delivered at low resolution and are to be used in any manner for social media applications, business cards, etc. High resolution images are available for editorial purposes or prints.  All files will be delivered via"Google Drive" unless otherwise requested.
  • Do have to buy a package? 
All services are ala carte.  Prints are available upon request and come in a variety of sizes and finishes.
  • How long will it take  to receive my photos?

Usually within 24 hrs depending on size of project.